Communicating at the United Nations

/ Aug 18, 2017

by Laura Brown-Little

We are busy working on a communications project for launch at the UN's General Assembly happening in New York City in September. It's connected with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals which are "17 Goals to Transform Our World" and are impacting on the work of governments around the globe. Click here to read more about them.

Ideas emerge here

/ Aug 14, 2017

by Laura Brown-Little

Education - Work

Our studio recently branded Kingston School of Art (previously the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at Kingston University). As part of this, we wrote a bold statement behind which the School's staff and students could proudly stand. Its aim? To encapsulate their ambitious spirit. The statement has formed the backbone of a one-word-per-page publication launched just this week.

The Design Museum’s Kensington relocation marked a historic step into London’s principle league of cultural attractions. Everything was in place for this ascension. The hyperbolic paraboloid roof (yes that’s what it’s called), the minimalist oak and stone interior – it all said ‘we have arrived’. Opening day was a success with eager crowds of culturalphiles.

The old Design Museum housed some extraordinary collections, but was often restricted by the space. Now a challenge had been set – we awaited the first great exhibition that could own this new arena.


Exploding Tigers and 24-hour Psychos

/ Jul 28, 2017

by Mike Bond


I'm split in two, and have been for the past 16 years. As a design studio director and a lecturer in graphic design, I have observed design thinking in both professionals and students and my talk at The Wilson Art Gallery today was an opportunity to piece together what I saw as being common ways that creative minds make leaps towards ideas. I was hugely excited to strike a chord with the audience, speaking afterwards with photographers, artists and writers about how my talk may help them to take their thinking in new directions. Anyone interested in the subject of creative thinking or design teaching should get in touch as I am always interested in widening the debate around methods such as Exploding Tigers and 24-hour Psychos...