How to get your research and brand noticed

13 Sep 2018

Jason Hancock - Digital Director

Private Sector | Not-For-Profit | Charity

The relationship between research and brand isn’t always obvious. In reality, research often contains findings that have the potential to positively (or negatively), disrupt the arena within which an organisation operates. This has implications for the perception of a brand.


Use technology to enhance, not lead your charity’s brand

20 Aug 2018

Dan Ridge - Campaign Director

Views | Charity

It’s all too easy to let technology drive your brand. Charities can feel they’re falling behind and this is often compounded by pressure from stakeholders, to chase the latest tech. Heed caution and adopt the mindset of “everyone has an app, so we need an app” at your peril.


How should a university prospectus behave?

20 Jun 2018

Mike Bond - Strategy Director


The prospectus is a cornerstone of university marketing and has been for many years. Despite the rise of digital, and increased attention on websites and social media content, it remains evident—through feedback and experiences shared at UCAS Masterclasses and elsewhere—that university audiences still expect something tangible.


Building higher education authenticity with Gen Z

17 May 2018

Rob Watts - Head of Growth and Development

Education | Views

Technology is often viewed as the exciting side of marketing. We can use bigger, brighter and more tantalising interactions to woo our audiences in evermore interactive ways. The sheer mention of the next big tech craze can capture the imaginations of stakeholders; wanting to be part of these impressive frontiers. But will technology alone attract the admiration of Gen Z?


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