National Brain Appeal

National Brain Appeal

Important work can be hidden...

As the main charity funding new hospital wings, equipment and operations, the National Brain Appeal’s life-saving work is incredible but completely invisible. To raise brand awareness we had to figure out how to break down the hospital walls to show what was going on behind them.

NBA already had great content; we just needed to bring it to life in an engaging way. But, in an environment where people can feel uneasy and vulnerable, we needed to be sensitive to the campaign’s audiences.

Getting cut-through...

Using a series of cryptic questions and employee stories posted around the hospital we formed a campaign based on intrigue. With imagery and copy designed to feel out of place, we invited passersby to pay attention and then used NFC technology to offer them answers, building a physical to digital experience.

Linking to the content...

By holding a phone up to a question on the hospital wall, you are directed to a web page that provides the answer and leads you to the work of the NBA. By drawing people in with the unexpected we were able to link them to content and open up an opportunity to donate.

We are still working with the NBA on this long-term campaign with discussions around how to bring in even bigger takeovers. Designed to be memorable, you will know when you’ve spotted this campaign.




The National Brain Appeal



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