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“Working with Bond & Coyne on our rebrand brought an insightful perspective on what the internal and external expression of our brand could be. This was an important factor in the way that Bond & Coyne worked with us. They successfully engaged us in the design and the future of what our own brand could become - both today and in the next 3 years. Bond & Coyne created a bold but human led brand that reflects our new landscape and our evolution as a modern, relevant business. They were respectful of our heritage while pushing us forward into a visual language that’s sustainable, loveable and honest.”

Emily Tippins, Marketing Manager – Product

River exists to improve people’s working lives. Until recently this meant working as a traditional engagement agency to provide bespoke employee surveys, recognition and reward services.

Their long-term goal was to transition into a more agile software business. This way they could provide one powerful product that met the needs of many different organisations. We were tasked with creating an identity that reflected both the new advantages of this product and their original philosophy of “making great days at work”.

Our strategy workshops helped us to better understand who River were and what the transition meant for their identity. Much of this centred around establishing a balance between their human-led agency and their data-led software sides.

One outcome of this process was to recognise the potential of River differentiating their brand from other software businesses by emphasising their human side. This contrasted many competitors’ highly technical, faceless identities.

We used this approach to develop a value proposition that unified stakeholders and led the brand work. A bold visual language was produced, including a handwritten logo mark to show the personable side of their business. Other graphic assets allowed the brand to be dialled up or down depending on the target audience.

The work helped River to build a brand capable of communicating what made them unique and launch their new software product. This milestone was followed by us collaborating on the design and UX of their new site and product. Another benefit of the branding process saw River reconsidering their social media channels, supported by a clear messaging and image strategy.

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