Experiencing the future of education

Festival of Education exhibition



The Festival of Education gives Pearson the opportunity to interact with the teachers and school managers that use their learning products. As technology advances, Pearson needs to ensure it continues to be a part of the conversation on the future of learning.

Developing technologies have the potential to revolutionise the classroom and meet future demands in skills, however they also present many unknowns. Pearson wanted to use the Festival of Education to share insightful ideas in an engaging way, and generate discussion amongst the education community. 


We designed and built a space that allowed visitors to physically experience a world of technology in learning. Many technologies (like artificial intelligence) are intangible. Equally, our aim was for discussion to focus on impacts on learning as opposed to the technology itself. With these points in mind, we built an immersive exhibition containing a range of activities including animated screens and a physical voting station. A custom built structure surrounded visitors with potential examples of teachers using technology to improve their pedagogy.  


The combination of immersive storytelling, animation and physical interaction allowed visitors to realise the potential of future technologies in learning. Teachers responded well to technology being demonstrated in a physical environment, and understood Pearson’s vision to use it to empower – not replace – teachers. Pearson's research was humanised and visitors were keen to offer feedback.

The high level of visitor engagement led to the event being Pearson’s most successful Festival of Education. Crucially the exhibition was able to appear as unique and forward thinking as the ideas it showcased.


Generating discussion

To understand the impact of the technologies being developed a series of illustrative scenarios was produced. These were applied across the exhibition stand to allow visitors to discover content. Discussion was encouraged through the use of interactive prompts, and takeaway items meant teachers could bring what they'd seen back to their staff rooms.

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