From secret intelligence to shared ideas

Branding and publication design


We were so impressed by how quickly and efficiently Bond & Coyne came up with an incredibly engaging visual toolkit that could be applied to any and all collateral we'd want to produce. All after only one workshop.

Vikki Weston, Office of the Chief Education Advisor


Pearson’s Open Ideas research seeks to promote new thinking in education and their Efficacy team evaluates the effectiveness of new learning technologies. Traditional publications are a mainstay of communicating this research, and whilst containing forward-thinking ideas and in-depth insight, their design did not reflect the level of innovative thinking within them.

Pearson approached us looking for an Efficacy brand and visual ways to encapsulate the general themes in their Open Ideas work. They wanted to raise the visibility of their work and encourage the sharing of research across the organisation and beyond.


Our response was to build an Efficacy brand that helped Pearson to bring its previously hidden processes to life in ways that it had not before. We delivered a brand visual language that would work alongside the core Pearson brand and could represent complex ideas in a flexible, visual form.

We also developed overarching illustration and infographic systems to represent key research themes and contexts. These were used to elucidate content in reports and animations. Working closely with the Pearson team, a compact new, digestible publication format was designed which would be seen less as a report and more as a handbook to be shared and discussed at events.


Pearson is now growing its efficacy and research presence online and is continuing to challenge the traditional ways in which research is communicated. It’s new publications have received widespread recognition from UK and international organisations and have been used to demonstrate good practice in accessible ways to engage audiences and spark conversation around research.


Seeing the invisible

Pearson wanted to show their commitment to transparency in their work. The Efficacy brand sought to visualise the continual assessment of their learning products.

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