We need policymakers at the United Nations to read our research. But that’s what every other organisation wants too.


The Overseas Development Institute is an independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. With a vast amount of complex information from different authors across multiple subject areas, they needed to communicate their research quickly without doing a disservice to the nature of the content.

The brief; to cut through the noise at the UN General Assembly—and beyond—to help ODI’s migration research stand out and be read.

Approach and process

A visual identity for the research that underpinned a core aspect of the subject matter, an easy-to-navigate printed resource summarising ODI’s research, and the design and build of a bespoke transportable exhibition system were the result of a series of strategy and stakeholder focussed activities.

– Planning and running stakeholder workshops
– Idea generation and designing proposals to communicate thinking
– Ensuring brand stretch and flexibility
– Working with authors to edit content
– Collaborating with creative teams
– Ensuring strategic thinking translated to creative output




Charity & Non-for-profit

In the world of A4 black-and-white print-outs, a visual hook would help ODI to highlight their research and capture interest.

This project became one of the most downloaded pieces of research published by the organisation and international governments requested to buy the printed take-away, which is now on its third reprint.