Movember - conatactless fundraising

Movember - conatactless fundraising


The Movember Foundation fights to stop men dying young by asking men around the world to grow moustaches and collect donations for causes such as testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Staying relevant to their audience and attracting new men to participate, required the brand to innovate in an ultra-competitive charity sector. The organisation also needed to overcome hurdles such as the decline in cash donations, charity-fatigue and individuals’ embarrassment about asking for donations.


We took the latest near-field communication (NFC) contactless technology and embedded it in wearable badges — a fundraising first — and delivered it to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

No more sign-up sheets, no more sharing links, no more chasing people for money, no more “I don’t have any cash”. Instead, a visible, branded talking point — with the added benefit of allowing donors to easily donate by placing their smartphone near to the badge.

A video produced by Bond & Coyne, showcasing the badges was picked up by the charity media and shared through social channels. Importantly, the badges heightened the momentum of the campaign as it launched around the world.


Not-for-profit, Brand Impact Awards 2019





movember- badges
movember - badge

Movember started as a simple way to raise money and awareness for a good cause. The contactless badge is the next step in taking donating to a whole new level.