Building an identity...

The Alan Turing Institute at The British Library was beginning a research project using AI to revisit records and present a new perspective on history. They needed an identity to introduce the project, support engagement activities and present their findings to academics, the press and the general public.

Balancing key components...

Our role was to create an identity that represented the project, would appeal to key audiences, and manage the process of stakeholder engagement. With numerous high profile stakeholders we had to approach the task diplomatically to reach an outcome that created consensus while still expressing the gravity of the project; looking at the true impact of the Industrial Revolution using methods made possible by the Digital Revolution.

Content based identity…

The brand identity worked to acknowledge the differences between the two revolutions but highlight that both had pushed boundaries through the use and creation of machines. We brought the subject matter to the fore and paired it with a tone of voice that made the content accessible. This project ended with unified stakeholders and added to the success of the branding of The British Library’s Eccles Centre and Hay Festival which both ran alongside it.


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