Kingston University

A university brand built on truths

Brand strategy and articulation

I’m in awe of how you have all brought it together so brilliantly. It has that indefinable ‘something’ – look and feel – that the best planned and executed brands have.

Alison Steel, Executive Director of Marketing and Comms


Kingston University has grown to become a large and sophisticated destination for higher education. Such growth meant it was easy for faculties to become disjointed – particularly in how they spoke to their audiences. This was confounded by the myriad slogans and sub-brands used in the University’s marketing. Consequently the brand lacked a clear voice. 

Sector research showed audiences were tired of sales marketing speak. Kingston University needed to separate itself from others by communicating its unique appeal in a more direct and authentic manner. 


With the marketing directorate, working groups were convened from across the organisation to ensure what we developed would work for student marketing just as successfully as staff recruitment and retention. 

We delivered a new brand articulation to unify the faculties and campuses: a proposition focused on ‘truths’ behind the success of KU. This helped form the basis of a new, more impactful way of articulating the brand. At its core was a new copywriting system that used ‘via’ as an anchor to repeatedly evidence how KU’s outputs were achieved. 

The system could be dialled up or down to communicate on multiple levels (individual, course, faculty, University) and across audiences.


Faculties, courses and operational departments are now able to communicate their successes, philosophies and stories directly to their audiences. One of the first brand outputs to be designed with the new brand proposition and messaging in mind is the University prospectus. KU now has a prospectus that could stand apart from its competitors and coherently display the vast list of courses available along with compelling evidence of its success.

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