Standing out

Harvey Nichols was looking to create an installation to gain attention for an upcoming perfume launch. With a history of firsts, the luxury department store wanted something that was one-of-a-kind and reached out to the Architecture Social Club and Bond and Coyne.

Promotion and visibility

Positioned in the Harvey Nichols flagship store the installation was created to showcase the brand partners, capture audience attention, and bring visibility to the art and alchemy of fragrance. Composed of three elements the concept took the audience through a journey of innovation and creativity.

Making the experience immersive

A digital display was used to capture the attention of passers-by who then entered into the showcase area; a space developed for brands to promote their fragrance and story, including an interactive workshop element. Finally, the audience was led through to the installation which visualised the blending of fragrance through the collision of two giant smoke rings infused with scents. Combined with audio and lighting, when the two rings met audience members had an opportunity to be completely submerged in the multisensory experience.



Harvey Nichols


Cosmetics & Retail