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Thank you and your team for all of your incredibly hard work and creative genius. The results are terrific! Great compliments on the site and event! Oh, and did I mention – that as well as the BBC – US News & World Report picked up the report today?

Janine Matho, Vice President Global Corporate Affairs


We have all heard the debate about robots taking our jobs in the future. Away from the shock headlines, Pearson, in conjunction with Oxford University and Nesta, has lead a ground-breaking research project bringing together sophisticated machine-learning algorithms and human expertise to map out the jobs landscape in 2030.

As a global leader in education, Pearson was looking for an ambitious approach to engaging with experts and general public alike in their year-long flagship project focussing on the skills we will need to survive the future jobs market.


We created Future Skills - a platform for Pearson to engage with its diverse audiences through digital interactions, infographics, animations, films, print and events. With a phased release, starting with the publishing of the research as a technical report and website, we have laid the foundations for interactive data visualisations and gamification to be released in the months following launch. The objective is to enable people to personalise their view of the data and see if they themselves are equipped for employment in 2030.


The project launched with a press event hosted by the BBC's Emily Maitlis and provides a window into the research and its significant implications for education and has earned international press attention. It is on the way to achieving Pearson's goal of being a major, reputable participant in the debate on the future of skills and education, with the next major phases still to come.

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