Saving costs, flying drones and driving ambition

Brand strategy and campaign


Working with Bond and Coyne has helped us define our selling points and underline our position in the market. They have supported our marketing efforts as a marketing team throughout a period in which we have seen applications rise by 20%.

Lisa Martinez, Head of Marketing, AECC


The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) needed a Clearing campaign to fill the final spaces on their courses. With a lofty reputation and entry requirements that attracted the highest achievers, the campaign had to deliver high commercial value, without compromising on the AECC's brand.

Students interested in the AECC would be put off by the traditional clearing campaign approach, which lowers product value for the sake of accessibility. This campaign required a more tactful approach which emphasised the AECC's reputation to attract students. Equally the campaign had to be developed quickly and on a limited budget.


We looked inwards to the AECC's stories and achievements to form the backbone of their Clearing campaign. We found a number of stories, photos and video footage that existed but wasn't working hard enough. We also commissioned filming of the AECC's campus from the air - using drones to highlight a key selling point of the college.

We tied related content together, under the headlines; Performance Driven, Health Driven, Research Driven, Entrepreneurship Driven and Future Driven. By using stories of successful graduates, partnerships with industry and news of new equipment, we developed a campaign to elevate the AECC's reputation for excellence, while presenting an attractive offer to students looking for a place through Clearing.


Using the footage and photos available, we created a new promotional video and Instagram campaign to highlight the stories about AECC's successes that we'd uncovered. As a result, social media reach grew 20% during the course of the campaign.

We a designed a visually consistent email campaign and printed collateral to present a coherent Clearing message that highlighted some of the key successes and unique nature of the AECC. The end result was increased applications that exceeded recruitment targets by 50%.

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