The Eccles Centre is a research centre that champions the North American Collections of the British Library.

They needed a distinct look and feel that would help it to convey its purpose and take ownership of the initiatives and events they run, whilst opening itself up to a much wider audience.


Using a system for superheadlines and sourcing images from the archives, we created a visual identity to reflect the Eccles Centre as a springboard for incredible thinking. The input is the British Library archives and promising talent. The output? Events, creative collaborations and award-winning novels and academic books.


The identity gives the Centre the tools to speak boldly to audiences who would never have considered it as a place for inspiration, whilst still showing its relevance to people already using it as a place to develop ideas and forward research.


British Library


Charity & Not-for-profit

It is the links between writers, researchers, poets and artists that act as a catalyst for new ideas and ways of seeing the world around us.