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Creating a game to help start a career search

Creative Skillset

We particularly valued Bond & Coyne’s open and transparent approach, and their calm and considered coaching in helping us to reframe our campaign strategy, to simplify our messaging and to reinvigorate our visual identity.

Paul Dykes, Head of Digital Services


Careers advice in schools has suffered in recent years due to drops in funding. That, coupled with the lack of awareness of the full professional opportunities available in the creative sector meant there was an opportunity to develop a tool to help school pupils identify how their interests can be turned into a creative career. Whilst it’s vital to cultivate artistic drive from a young age, often schools fail to communicate how less traditionally creative skills like entrepreneurship and organisation are just as relevant to a career within the creative sector.

Following our work in repositioning the Creative Skillset brand we saw an opportunity to communicate the breadth of the creative industries to a younger audience. How would a brand campaign adjust to become a tool for school career education, without feeling like cliché career advice?  


We built a class activity designed to help pupils explore how their cultural interests, skills and lifestyle choices might be brought together as a career within the creative industries. Pupils first build a holistic picture of considerations, as opposed to conventional instructional career advice.

The end result gives a visual portrait of how their interests, skills and likes could all combine together to create an idea of what it’s could be like for them to work in the creative industries.


The Creative Skillset brand was able to capture (as well as provide) insight from a younger audience and for the first time, they were fully armed to be able to highlight the relevance of careers in the creative industry to a wider pool of younger talent.

The project also allowed the brand to build a relationship with future potential higher education students - but much earlier in their education. This served to strengthen the recognition of the Creative Skillset accreditation Tick – a signpost for degrees offering the most up-to-date and relevant industry training and education.