73% of charities are saying street giving is falling and donors want better digital experiences. A post-Covid-19 society is set to only increase this demand.

Contactless fundraising

We were quick to see the challenge (and potential) that the decline in cash giving created. Whilst there is a plethora of new technology to choose from, it takes careful planning and a creative edge to really engage donors.

Our aim is to harness contactless technology and proven campaign expertise to provide innovative new ways to fundraise. This allows us to deliver impactful campaign strategies with contactless fundraising at the heart.

For a detailed third sector view on contactless tech, read our Digital & Campaign Director’s article published on UK Fundraising: how you can’t afford not to invest in contactless.



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“We don’t think giving to charity should be a complex process. We’re really excited to push this technology, whether through wearable badges or on-street collecting. Soon contactless fundraising will be a pivotal tool for most charities.”

Dan Ridge, Campaign & Digital Director

Blue Cross for Pets
Tap London
Breast Cancer Now and Topshop