Blue Cross Give Moments Campaign

Blue Cross Give Moments Campaign

The challenge

Christmas is a critical time in the year for charity giving. As one of the nation’s biggest animal welfare charities, Blue Cross wanted to maximise their fundraising over the festive period.

To do so they needed a campaign that would capture people’s hearts and encourage them to donate; helping them to care for more sick, injured and homeless pets. The campaign had to raise income as a main priority, as well as communicating a clear message about the work of the organisation, in order to raise their brand profile in a crowded charity sector.

The big idea

Christmas is all about giving. But increasingly people want to give something more than a material gift. What if we harnessed this desire and swapped gifts for ‘moments’?

Core to the idea was the flexibility of the ‘giving moments’ concept. It could be used to talk about life-changing work, or hard-hitting issues the charity works to solve, or small, joyful interactions people have with their pets. It became a tool to link together all the areas of work that Blue Cross does, in a way that could be celebrated and understood by new audiences.

The flexibility stretched beyond the messaging into deliverables. We tested the concept to ensure it would be a strong foundation for the communications the charity needed to create, such as direct mailers and social assets. However, we also made sure that ‘giving moments’ could act as a springboard for the less-conventional; such as campaign activations that would help Blue Cross to stop audiences in their tracks.


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Visualising moments

We developed a visual system that put ‘giving moments’ in the spotlight. A series of Christmas decorations became frames to capture moments of interaction between humans and animals. In the process we made sure the visual system could be dialled up for joyous ‘moments’ and pared back for calmer, more reflective ones.  

The design needed to be implemented by multiple agencies and internal teams to create an integrated campaign across all media. We created guidelines that could guide consistent design across these different teams. 

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Christmas dinner moments

We saw the opportunity to build on the success of this campaign activation by harnessing the potential of innovative fundraising methods. Using countertop contactless donation devices, we asked audiences to donate to give a ‘Christmas dinner moment’. 

We connected the devices with footage of pets; firstly looking eagerly at the potential donor, next enjoying a meal after the donation has taken place. By doing this we would be able to give thanks to audiences in a more rewarding way, showing them a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of the joyful moment they are giving to a pet. This was the first time video had been paired with these type of devices.

The idea is that these kinds of interactions are essential in order to capture the imagination of donors and drive engagement around contactless technology. Simply buying the technology isn’t always enough to get donors using them.

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Sharing Christmas moments

The ‘Give Moments’ campaign was a foundation to enable unexpected forms of fundraising. Next we wanted to find a way to help Blue Cross communicate clearly with audiences about their important work.

We developed a digital portal where anyone could share their favourite pet moments. By capturing and sharing these personal moments of joy with animals, we were connecting audiences with Blue Cross’ mission of helping to give moments like these to pets in need every day.

Users’ moments were delivered as shareable ‘Christmas cards’ ready to send out to friends and family across social media. All of these Christmas cards could also be viewed together, building a sense of the Blue Cross community. Visit

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