Making your mark...

While Arts University Bournemouth’s brand had positioned them as a leading specialist institution it could do more to reflect its creativity. With a new marketing team in place, they saw an opportunity to make their mark by creating a brand system that balanced the professional nature of the education with the creativity of the campus. 

With a client relationship of over 12 years, AUB trusted Bond and Coyne to be able to reflect the individuality of the University and create a brand system that aligned with who they are: an art school

A new brand system...

We focussed on the characteristics of AUB’s audience rather than the demographic, and used this to explore who the University attracted: those who are curious. 

The brand system would be used across all AUB brand activities. It needed to represent the overarching creativity and collaboration of the campus, but also have the flexibility for the personality of individual students and courses to shine through.

We designed a bespoke typeface including interactive and responsive glyphs to bring personality into the brand and a framing device to bring students work to the forefront. The new brand system ensured consistency across university content and is now feeding into a major web project which is being launched soon.


Arts University Bournemouth

Bronze winner

Brand Impact Awards: Education