Making a strategic use of A-to-B

Brand strategy and collateral

Arts University Bournemouth


Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) needed a campaign that tied together all of the different touch-points across the whole recruitment cycle. They wanted to reflect the diversity of opportunity within the creative industries and position themselves as a pathway to them, rather than an end destination for students.

The campaign had to be flexible enough to work across online, print and physical spaces, while remaining distinctive enough to achieve cut-through in a competitive market. It had to remain relevant throughout the various key stages in the recruitment cycle; from discovery through to conversion and, finally, enrolment of new students.


Working with AUB's abbreviation, we developed the concept of 'A to B'. Emphasising the route from A to B as the start of a creative education and the end result of a creative career. We applied various treatments to the letters A and B, creating a set of different letterforms for each, showing the diversity of both students and their careers as graduates.

To further emphasise the individual journey that students take at AUB, we produced an animation with a ball motif that travels along a landscape of abstract A and B shapes. By moving fast, slow, tentatively and confidently across the landscape, it provided a visual cue to the varied journey that students at AUB take.


We produced a full range of collateral for the recruitment period, covering everything from AUB's House of Cards prospectus, to the hoardings surrounding building works on campus, and a double-decker bus with full livery used on the routes to and from the university.

Working with AUB, we helped to reflect the visual identity of the campaign in the copy that accompanied it. By focussing on the journey that students take, rather than the institution, we created a unique voice that helped AUB stand out in the competitive HE marketplace.

The campaign has been taken even further with Aberdeen to Bournemouth, a project that sees an AUB alumna travel through the United Kingdom documenting the work of other alumni.

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