Having worked with Arts University Bournemouth for over 10 years, helping them to hone their proposition, visual language and brand activations and campaigns, we have helped them to establish their key brand principles; showing creativity instead of saying it and appealing to curious minds who want to see and do more.

To pull the principles of the AUB brand through to the 2020/21 awareness and clearing campaigns and help them stand-out from the noise and reach potential applicants both nationally and internationally, we needed a fresh approach to University marketing.


In every part of the awareness campaign we brought student work to the forefront, combining a confident aesthetic and pride in the creativity of work taking place at AUB. We were also able highlight the University’s award-winning campus by bringing it to life through augmented reality, and providing a way for potential applicants to get an immediate taste of the AUB community and playful attitude.


The combination of the awareness and clearing campaigns has helped AUB to surpass their targets, once again blowing their competition out of the water and reinforcing them as the go-to destination for creative minds.


Best use of Innovation in Education Marketing, The Heist Awards 2019


Arts University Bournemouth




Year-on-year, AUB are able to create stand-out in their sector, by ripping up the rule book and being unafraid to challenge the norm.