29 brand challenges in under 3 hours

Workshop and Report

Cranfield University


With world-leading research and a strong education portfolio, Cranfield University had a celebrated history, but an online experience that does not do justice to the quality of its offer. The University was approaching a brand launch and had a large management structure overseeing its marketing that it needed to engage in ambitious marketing activity.

The University was looking for a way to unify the different branches of its department behind a new marketing push that would ultimately involve the whole institute.


We were asked to formulate a workshop format that included a range of staff and senior managers. It was important that the session would enable participants to shed preconceptions about what was or wasn’t possible.

Through a 3-hour workshop session, we worked with the University to rephrase its selling points and key messages, frame their audiences in new ways and set out brand challenges that acknowledged practical constraints whilst engendering a sense of ambition.


We outlined 29 potential brand challenges for the marketing department to analyse and build upon. We provided a methodology for re-looking at familiar marketing tasks and we supplied a document outlining all observations and discussions from the workshop.

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