10 Predictions for 2017

Bringing ideas to life



Ideas have the power to change people’s lives for the better. Nesta is a charitable foundation committed to promoting new ideas and ways of think in everything from education and healthcare, to technology and economics.

Each year they compile a list of 10 world-changing and sometimes surprising predictions. In order to challenge conventional thinking, these predictions would need to captivate a range of different industry, government and public audiences alike.

The release of the predictions also needed to coincide with the launch of Nesta's rebrand and would need to stand up to the rigid tests faced by a new identity.


A visual language was developed to complement the new Nesta brand and also provide the tools with which we could create a set of illustrations to support a range of communications activity. 

It was important that these illustrations could help humanise the complex ideas in a light and accessible way. And by placing people at the heart of the illustrations, the predictions are shown almost as if in the hands of the readers – the policy makers, scientists and educators. 

We went on to produce animated versions of the illustrations for use online and in presentations. We also designed the full printed publication that brings the ideas together.


This graphic format reinforced Nesta’s core brand belief in ideas and allowed them to communicate sometimes complex information in a bold and accessible way. Illustrations were themed around togetherness and activism to support the brand rejuvenation.


Taking notice of new ideas

The illustrations needed to be active and not passive in order for people to be drawn to the content. A vibrant geometric style helped Nesta to own any online or printed space.

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