Easing lockdown: Rethinking events, campaigns and income generation

The bedrock of our business is a spirit of support and enterprise, and this has been no different during the UK lockdown. We’ve been helping organisations deal with the demands that the pandemic continues to place on their brand activities.

With this in mind, we are here to help you review and rethink projects in order to keep things running and ensure brand interactions remain positive. We’re having similar conversations with people across many sectors, from charity and education to technology and media. So rest assured you are not alone and possible solutions are not out-of-reach. Here we outline our simple Rethink Process alongside real client examples.


Matt Reilly


May 15, 2020

1. Rethink

Discuss what events and activities are at risk
We conduct a quick audit to review all at-risk projects to see if digital alternatives are possible and provide support in reacting to the circumstances positively. All of this can be achieved remotely, equipping you with the tools to swiftly react to your challenges.

This can include:

— Virtual review sessions

— Online workshops to look at options and generate ideas

— Finding examples for consideration and inspiration

Clients doing this
We are collaborating closely with the marketing and events team at higher education institutes in response to changes in student recruitment. We’re also helping support a number of charities with their campaign replanning processes. From weekly check-ins to one-off idea generation workshops, we’re using a variety of online collaboration tools to keep projects moving.

These include: Royal College of Art, Middlesex University, Kingston University, Breast Cancer Now

2. Rework

Advise on changes to make messaging appropriate
We can help rework existing concepts to ensure that brand activities and materials are suitable for use given the present crisis. Making a simple shift in tone or reframing of a concept can ensure you’re still able to speak about your cause and organisation in an appropriate yet effective way.

This can include:

— Editing of copy

— Artwork updates

— General recommendations

Clients doing this
Due to limited physical GP access, we are reworking the format of a number of awareness campaigns. Alternative self-education and online medical access is vital, which has also led us developing messaging to direct audiences to digital resources and services.

These include: British Skin Foundation, Proctor & Gamble, Pure Choice Partnership

3. Replace

Design and build digital alternatives
In certain situations it may be essential to replace some of your planned activities and formats. We can help you to generate concepts and develop new types of events and activities, that build on existing work and live online. Our digital team is ready to develop, test, publish and host online formats for you.

This can include:

— Designing, building and hosting digital experiences

— Creating digital events and exhibitions

— Online alternatives for mass-participation activities

— Video-based sessions, online broadcasts and podcasts

Clients doing this
Within the first few weeks of the lockdown we rebuilt Ovarian Cancer Action’s signature campaign, shifting the focus from a sponsored participation event to a nationwide family activity brought together online: Welcome to the UK’s largest rose garden.

We also built an online COVID-19 advice hub for millions of vulnerable people in the UK, supported by Genetic Alliance UK. Learn more

4. Relaunch

We offer scalable campaign and supporter platforms
These times demand easy ways to manage campaigns that are scalable and targeted. We have just partnered with a platform that enables this and provides guaranteed awareness targets too. At the same time, supporter engagement is more valuable than ever before.

This can include:

— Building sites to keep supporters on-board and motivated.

— Campaign platforms with guaranteed engagement targets

— Supporter microsites with customisable brand and materials

Clients doing this
We’re looking at how to generate awareness ahead of a planned recruitment campaign for Arts University Bournemouth. We are generating new digital assets and using Artificial intelligence to target specific audiences.

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Being a design agency in lockdown has not taken away our ambitious appetite.

Mike Bond

Strategic Director & Co-founder, Bond and Coyne