Celebrating young and unsung Covid-19 heroes with a virtual Mexican wave

There have been some incredible stand-out heroes during the coronavirus pandemic, from our health workers and delivery drivers to our teachers and care givers.

There are also some unsung heroes; children. Throughout the pandemic, the focus has been on keeping children occupied and up-to-date with schoolwork. But alongside this, children have played a vital role in the UK’s response. By washing their hands, they have learnt about the importance of cleanliness, not just for themselves, but to protect those they love around them. Through these simple actions they too are helping to beat Covid-19.

To celebrate, and give thanks to children for playing their part, we worked hand-in-hand with the British Skin Foundation, a UK charity that funds research into all types of skin disease, and Pampers.

We created The Children’s Wave, a platform that lets children show off their clean hands to family and friends and join a nation-wide Mexican wave.

Visit thechildrenswave.com on your mobile 👋


Rob Watts


June 15, 2020

Children across the UK have taken the simple step of regularly washing their hands over the past 11 weeks learning the importance of hygiene in preventing the spread of this terrible virus. It’s right that we should celebrate the part they have played at this challenging time.

Matthew Patey

CEO at the British Skin Foundation

It’s important to remember the role children have played during these uncertain times. We’d like to focus on the positives that have come out of a tough situation and spread some virtual happiness with the Children’s Wave.

Nicole Hallak

Brand Manager of Pampers UK