Bond and Coyne co-founds education leadership series

We’ve teamed up with two education thought-leaders, Alex Bell and Karine George to create Leadership Lemonade. The ongoing series brings together international leaders to tackle today’s biggest challenges in education and look at what the future holds.

At Bond and Coyne we’ve always been driven to work with the best people in education. Now we have joined forces with Alex Bell and Karine George; each well respected nationally and internationally as innovators, risk-takers and relentless optimists in education.

Leadership Lemonade offers a refreshing model of national and international collaboration to turn crisis management into new opportunities.

How did this come about?

With stories of school leaders everywhere having unprecedented stresses recently placed upon them, it was time to think beyond the obvious leadership support and to temper optimism with bold, brave and authentic creative strategy.

There were no norms and limited reference points, but that made the mission all the more compelling. Children and school communities everywhere looked to school leaders for certainty, but who could school leaders themselves turn to for support?  

We explored what else was on offer and decided that we didn’t see the solution we were looking for. If it was going to happen, it had to be us to make it happen. The circumstances around Covid had certainly thrown educators a terrible pile of lemons. Was it naïve to even think we could help them make lemonade?

What does Leadership Lemonade provide?

The sessions provide practical immediate support and advice to school leaders, helping them to understand and tackle emerging challenges. There are no dense recommendations or lists – just succinct advice and questions answered, from trusted peer practitioners and thought-leaders globally.  

The team was determined that something good would come from the context we’re in, so we’re building a confident self-supporting community that dares to dream beyond Covid.

How to get involved

An updated Leadership Lemonade 2.0 launches with five live one-hour online sessions globally on 23rd September 2020.

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Mike Bond


September 17, 2020

Hearing leaders from across the world with the same issues in a different context was reassuring. Input from people outside of education that we don’t normally get, helped us ‘sort out the muddle’, focus strategically away from the operational and get to the nub of what we actually want to do.

Suzie Featherstone-Wright