B&C heads to Paris

/ Oct 23, 2017

by Claire Langer - Creative Strategist


The studio is back after heading to France for a weekend of art, design and cheese. An enriching cultural experience, we visited places that even those familiar with Paris had never been to before...

Bond & Coyne runs an annual European research trip to expand on what the team sees and to inspire us for the coming year of creativity. Previously we've been to Berlin, Amsterdam and Budapest. This year, it was the turn of Paris. 

A clear highlight was the Louis Vuitton Foundation. We were all in awe of the stunning architecture; the building looked like an elegant and beautifully crafted spaceship had landed in the wooded outskirts of central Paris. Inside, spread over eleven gallery spaces, we saw pieces by Picasso, Pollock, Kruger — and even Disney — as part of the exhibition ‘Being modern: MoMA in Paris’. Well-known to most, Disney's Steamboat Willy was featured, and it reminded us of the ability of an animator to see the character in everything around them and their inordinate ability to bring to life the unexpected. 

This was not our only gallery experience as we also went to the Centre Pompidou to see the retrospective on David Hockney. As well as seeing his most famous works in reality at their impressive scale along with his awesome ability to depict water in infinite ways, we saw his smaller experiments and daily self portraits. It was fascinating to see the development of themes across his career, and how he took the principles of his earlier works through to his recent...using Polaroids to tesselate scenes right through to his more recent multi-view video portraits of a Yorkshire lane in all four seasons.

The Catacombs gave us a chilling look at Paris’ history, whilst a walk up to Sacré Coeur on our final morning gave us a panoramic view of the city we had been exploring.

Visiting Paris was more than an opportunity to rack up our step count and visit the sights; we reflected on a year of exciting projects and hard work, gained inspiration for upcoming challenges, as well as taking time to relax, eat croissants and socialise as a team away from the walls of our studio...