15 years of designing for financial services

During this time we’ve supported organisations big and small. In recent years this has included Openwork, NFU Mutual and the BSA. Our latest project with Parmenion saw us redefine their proposition and identity.

Parmenion had been growing in recent years. This included a steadily expanding workforce and a move to a new headquarters. Combined with a climate of economic uncertainty, this scenario required the organisation to clarify their purpose and ambitions.


The challenge

We were tasked with ensuring that Parmenion had a clear sense of self, so customers were sure of what they do and their internal teams were confident about what they’re contributing towards. We developed a new brand strategy to help uncover what is at the heart of Parmenion and worked towards establishing a visual identity that could stand the company in good stead for years to come.

This work led to Parmenion being able to speak about their services in a more confident and coherent way. It’s gradually being rolled-out publicly, including a new pensions site created by Bond and Coyne: retirement.parmenion.co.uk


The next 15

Confidence and trust plays a huge role in what we do. We always strive to bring stakeholders together in order to be a reliable sounding-board. This way we can continue to uncover the best creative solution from a strategic standpoint.


Rob Watts


July 16, 2020